Comtek M-72 Transmitter



The M-72 wireless microphone transmitter meets the highest professional standards; yet because of its unique design, it offers operational success to even the nonprofessional user. When used with COMTEK receivers, the M-72 transmitter reproduces the microphone’s quality with indistinguishable difference. The wide dynamic range of this transmitter is made possible because of its unique soft compressor system which, along with very linear modulation characteristics and low residual FM noise, gives the most natural sound possible from a wireless microphone. To add to its versatility, the M-72 transmitter is available with either a companded (Type C) or non-companded (Type L) audio system for use with any COMTEK receiver. Also, the M-72 will phantom power all types of electret condenser microphones or operate with dynamic microphones.
The M-72 transmitter has an LED indicator to monitor RF output and battery condition. A microphone sensitivity adjustment is provided to optimize the signal-to-noise ratio for different applications. The M-72 transmitter utilizes a body induction antenna system. Only the microphone cord extends from the transmitter package enabling the transmitter to have a more uniform radiation pattern when the unit is placed on the body or held in the hand. A slide-open battery compartment makes changing batteries fast and easy. Higher efficiency circuitry provides even longer battery life while maintaining high fidelity and maximum FCC allotted power.

Additional information


Audio Input: Low impedance (150-600 ohms) with external control to adjust sensitivity for -60 to -40 dBm input level. Also, will self-power electret condenser microphone.

Controls and Indicators: Microphone level input sensitivity control, and LED for RF output and battery condition indicator.

Modulation Limiter: Soft compressor type with high linear overload protection, attack time — less than 1 ms, recovery time — 10ms

Frequency Modulation: Up to 30 kHz deviation.

Residual FM Noise: Less than 20 Hz (30 kHz BW)

Frequency Stability: .005% crystal controlled

Operating Radio Frequency: Single channel, 60 to 216 MHz

Harmonic & Spurious Emissions: -45 dB below carrier

RF Power Output: 8000 µV/m R 30 m (72 to 76 MHz) 50 mW at output port (174 to 216 MHz)

Antenna: Body induction type (no external antenna)

Current Drain:
15 mA 72 – 76 MHz
20 mA 174 – 216 MHz

Battery: 9 volt alkaline Eveready 522 or equivalent for up to 30 hours or optional 9 volt nickel-cadmium rechargable battery for five hours of operation.

Dimensions: 1 1/16” × 2 1/4” × 3 1/4” (27 mm × 57 mm × 83 mm)

Weight: 4 ounces (110 grams)